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Is Invicta Dead?!?

So a question we have heard a lot recently is the "Is Invicta Dead?" or variations of that. The short answer is... well, no, BUT, I completely understand why you would think that, so today we are going to go over our plans, why it’s so quiet right now, and what we plan to do to address that.

So first, why is it so quiet right now?

We are still in a very early stage of development, with only 1 of our 3 planned “feature games” launched and with other ideas in the works, we are still very much not a full server (its the reason our store isn’t launched yet! We literally don’t want your money until we are happy with the value we bring), so to no surprise of anyone here, we are working closely with the BCL, CCL, and MSCL to create a feature gamemode for each of them, games that build on the pre-existing communities but bring vast improvements, new ideas, and new gameplay.

We have plans in place with all three of these communities that when we enter a full launch, these communities will bring competitions to our network with prize pools funded by us, but until that point, we asked our communities to not jump straight over, but instead work with us to fix bugs, find issues and generally improve the state of play.

What plans do we have to grow once we do fully launch?

We know that we can’t rely on the community to just maintain a player base or grow it, we should be working together to grow and create new content. So with that, we have a few things to announce today.

1) Partners Program

We are opening a partnership program with Invicta and you. If you are a creator on Youtube or Twitch with a notable audience that might be interested in Invicta, we want to hear from you. For smaller creators, we are prepared to offer in-game perks and for larger creators, there will be more opportunities available. Our current requirements for large creators are an average of 20,000 views per video on youtube, or an average of 250 viewers on multiple streams throughout the week. If you are interested in this, reach out to me on Discord (Callum#0001)

  1. 2) Podcrash+
This is the first time we have talked about this, but many of you, certainly the Minestrike community, will be aware that Podcrash+ is a big part of your communities, bringing unique clientside features to popular servers, with hundreds of concurrent players online daily, we are planning a major overhaul of Podcrash+ to build in full support for Invicta, and link Invicta game servers to the Podcrash+ client to bring exclusive features we have never been able to offer on other servers

  1. 3) Competitions
We are aware that as communities you have been deprived of good, quality, competitions. Let’s be honest Hypixel’s competitions are sometimes good, Mineplex, I mean when was the last time you got a prize pool from them? Obviously, we aren’t criticizing either of them, we know from experience how hard it is to support community competitions, and the time it takes, however, we are working on a system of dedicated community managers for every feature gamemode, that is someone well known within your community, that you can go directly to and has authorization from us internally to get you in-game rewards and store rewards without the need for endless bureaucracy and for bigger comps the possibility of cash rewards.

What about the games?

We know the release of Conquest, Islands, and Squad Assault won’t make Invicta worth playing with no other games. You may have seen me reference “Feature Games” throughout this, we class feature games as those that have a lot of custom development time, allow for a unique gameplay that isn’t standard in other Minecraft games. We also plan on other non-feature games, these games are more akin to games you are likely to know and enjoy already, think UHC, or other quick play minigames like Parkour. These are the sorts of games that don’t require months of development, constant balancing, or require masses of pre-game design to work out the various (often hundreds if not thousands) of variables that need to be taken into account before we can even begin developing.

We plan to release these games on a test branch of Invicta where the game is live for around a month, if the community enjoys it, we will finish any final development, fix any issues and launch it to live servers. The test branch of Invicta will be publically available to players. It will not be a handpicked group.

So when will this all come to fruition?

We expect to have all our feature gamemodes live and running by summer 2020. With both Islands and Squad Assault already well into development, and with early-stage internal alpha tests ongoing. At that point, we will be releasing the server, and working on a testing schedule for other smaller games, and feature games.


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