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Bug Fix CONQUEST - Patch #2 24th April 2020

Another update for you. Thank you to the dev team that have been working very hard on this and other games yet to release!

Fixed a bug involving the player's Hotbar being glitched with other kits at the start of a game
Fixed Swiftness and Cornered Beast particles not disappearing on user death
Fixed a bug where the ice from Glacial Tomb could melt in the waiting lobby
Fixed a bug where speed would not be applied to thief class in the waiting lobby
Fixed a bug where Challenger would activate for respawning players and spectators
Removed double message on Evade use
Fixed odd deaths occurring in the lobby
Fixed the health display not showing absorption hearts
Fixed respawning players being able to trigger teleport sounds and particles
Fixed an inventory duplication glitch
Maps with fire will not burn other blocks.

New Features
Added periodic tip messages
Added a backfill system to public lobbies
Added an "unsorted" queue into public lobbies
Added the ability to create private servers

DUELIST HP decreased 55 >> 50
ROGUE HP decreased 45 >> 35
TANGLE VINES root duration increased 2 >> 2.5
TANGLE VINES damage increased 8 >> 10
MIASMA radius increased 5 >> 7
NATURE’S GIFT cooldown reduced 20 >> 15

OVERGROWTHRight-click your sword to grant you and all allies within 5 blocks of you absorption I for 5 seconds. If there is only 1 other ally nearby, you both gain Absorption II instead.Cooldown: 8 seconds, Mana: 70
SHADOW ASSAULTAfter sneaking for 2 seconds, gain True Invisibility, also your next melee attack while hidden will deal 2 bonus damage.Shadow Assault cancels/ends if you deal or take damage or you stop sneaking
NIGHT BLADE - Renamed to PredatorIf there is only 1 other player within 5 blocks of you, your next melee attack inflicts Blindness and Slowness III for 3 seconds.Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Other QOL Changes
Moved team selection items into the Hotbar
Synchronized the bolding of capture points being captured
Games can now start with 6 players (3v3)


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