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Is Invicta Dead?!?

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So a question we have heard a lot recently is the "Is Invicta Dead?" or variations of that. The short answer is... well, no, BUT, I completely understand why you would think that, so today we are going to go over our plans, why it’s so quiet right now, and what we plan to do to address that.

So first, why is it so quiet right now?

We are still in a very early stage of development, with only 1 of our 3 planned “feature games” launched and with other ideas in the works, we are still very much not a full server (its the reason our store isn’t launched yet! We literally don’t want your money until we are happy with the value we bring), so to no surprise of anyone here, we are working closely with the BCL, CCL, and MSCL to create a feature gamemode for each of them, games that build on the pre-existing communities but bring vast improvements, new ideas, and new gameplay.

We have plans in place with all three of these communities that when we enter a full...

Bug Fix CONQUEST - Patch #3 6th May 2020

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Little bit late on this one

New Sorcerer sword skill Cold Wave replaces Frostbolt
“Hold right-click with your sword to charge Cold Wave for up to 1.5 seconds. Upon releasing right-click, unleash a gust of icy wind to knock enemies 3 blocks in front of you that knocks them backward, dealing up to 6 damage based on time charged and inflicting Slowness II for 2 seconds.

If you are sneaking, you will also knock yourself backward.”

Cooldown: 6 seconds

Mana: 40

Assurance rework:

Melee attacks deal bonus damage equal to 10% of your target’s missing health. ”

Earth Smash rework:

“Right-click your sword to activate. Stomp the earth beneath you, dealing up to 5 damage (based on distance) and...

Bug Fix CONQUEST - Patch #2 24th April 2020

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Another update for you. Thank you to the dev team that have been working very hard on this and other games yet to release!

Fixed a bug involving the player's Hotbar being glitched with other kits at the start of a game
Fixed Swiftness and Cornered Beast particles not disappearing on user death
Fixed a bug where the ice from Glacial Tomb could melt in the waiting lobby
Fixed a bug where speed would not be applied to thief class in the waiting lobby
Fixed a bug where Challenger would activate for respawning players and spectators
Removed double message on Evade use
Fixed odd deaths occurring in the lobby
Fixed the health display not showing absorption hearts
Fixed respawning players being able to trigger teleport sounds and particles

Bug Fix CONQUEST - Patch #1 18th April 2020

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Thank you for all the great feedback over the last 24 hours. Because of this, you have helped us identify a few core problems, so we are pushing out a Bugfix and QOL (Quality of Life) update for all the main concerns we heard over the last day.

1) Fixed rose armour not activating on arrow hits
2) Fixed death messages being inaccurate. ex: being killed by Chain Attack from a Duelist
3) Fixed bleed being reapplied many times
4) Fixed Molten Core damaging the player whilst in lava
5) Fixed player's default Duelist build being broken
6) Fixed Wolf Stance collision inconsistencies
7) Fixed Battle Rage not consuming stacks of Fury
8) Fixed Dexterity activating on skill abilities


Welcome to Conquest

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Hey Everyone,

Today we are happy to announce that Conquest will be launching into beta tomorrow (Friday 17th April) at 12 pm EST. Conquest is the first game to launch onto the Invicta network and we cannot wait for you to explore some stunning maps, with brand new classes and awesome gameplay.

On launch, all the maps have been built by Team Upburst and MinerEule and have had a very interesting story behind all the maps, which we will publish in the future if that's something that interests you?


We also have a total of 10 new classes, each with 9 new abilities. These classes can be broken down into 5 main categories.

🔴 Close Quarters
  1. - Berserker: Berserkers are mobile, close-range fighters capable of dealing with multiple enemies. Though somewhat frail, they can become a huge threat in teamfights if left unchecked.

  2. - Duelist: Duelists excel in fighting enemies one by one and dealing consistent single-target damage. They...

⚔️ A New Beginning ⚔️

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Hey 👋

After a long wait, and a lot of work by our incredible development team! We are very proud and happy to announce that Conquest on Invicta will be launching in open beta.

We chose Invicta as it represents what our server is. Invicta means undefeated or unconquered. Since the inception of this server, we knew we wanted this to be a place for competitive gameplay in a fun and safe environment. You could challenge your rivals and become the best player you could be. We hope to provide the best competitive PVP experience possible, and whilst we aren't there yet, with your help we will be very soon!

What is an open beta?

For the next month or two, this server will be in open beta and that means that not all features will be available or launched. For example, whilst we are still developing and balancing we are not launching the store. (You will see its currently empty) and we are not making any player stats publically available. Things like leaderboards, kill...
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